What style of photography do you do?

Crisp, natural, and timeless would best describe our style. We strive to tell a story with photographs. We document your wedding as it happens; from the details to the emotions our goal is to capture it all.Do you shoot film or digital? What kind of equipment do you use?I shoot digital and film with professional grade Nikon equipment.

How much do you charge?

Since every commission is different, we like to first chat with you about your needs and then based on that we come up with a collection that best suits your needs. Feel free to email us so we can craft a collection just for you.How do I book you and how do I pay?A signed contract and retainer are required to book us and reserve your date. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.

It seems to be a lot of money for some photographs, why is that?

In addition to the hours we spend photographing, we spend numerous hours editing through the images, color correcting and retouching them as needed, location scouting, creating timelines, getting your products ready, in addition to the costs of running an maintaining a photography business as well as continuing education. There is a lot more that goes into photography than most people realize, and hiring a professional photographer to create one of a kind professional photos for you is truly an investment you will treasure and have forever.

Are you insured?

Yes, We are insured and licensed!

Do you have backup equipment?

I carry back up equipment with me to ensure your wedding will be covered in the unlikely event that a piece of equipment were to malfunction.

How do we know what to expect from you?

You can expect professionalism, hard work, and fun! I am a perfectionist at heart yet easy to work with, and will do everything and anything to make the moment fun and special. 

What area do you cover?

We are based in Central Florida, but capture love stories wherever they take place around the world. If you are thinking about a destination wedding, let us know so we can build a custom collection around that.

Will you be the actual photographer on my wedding day?

Yes! Me and my hubby (Gerardo) will be your photographers on your wedding day! I do not subcontract services out to other photographers. I am very proud of our brand and style, and will not compromise that. Throughout the day, you will see me with my camera attached to my hand, and you will see him either with a camera taking shots or assisting me (he’s awesome like that! :)).

We are planning a small elopement, will you photograph it?

Definitely! Just fill out the contact form with some details, and we will be in touch to build a collection that fits your specific needs.

How long is your wedding coverage?

That really depends on your needs and the size of your wedding however most weddings take anywhere between 6-10 hours. In our initial consultation we help you come up with a preliminary timeline to determine how much coverage you will need based on your wedding.

Do we have to have an engagement session?

You don’t, but we highly recommend it. During your engagement session, we get to know each other, how we work together, and you get really comfortable in front of the camera. That is why we recommend it and include it complimentary when you book us to photograph your wedding.

Do you suggest we do a “First Look”?

It really depends on your wedding timeline and your personal views.We are more than happy to let you know what we think works best based on your needs and timeline.

I would like a photo booth on my wedding, can I book one through you guys?

Yes, that is a service we provide for all our wedding clients. It is an open air photo booth with a backdrop. All images are taken with a professional dslr camera, and we use professional lighting equipment. We can provide a custom backdrop and props based on your wedding theme to make it really unique to your wedding!

How many photographs to you take on a wedding?

This really depends on how long we are there for, but a good approximate for a full day wedding is no less than 500, for a half day no less than 300, and for portraits no less than 50.

Do you edit the photographs?

All of the images that you will receive are edited to our professional standards. Images or albums ordered are color corrected and color output is fully synced to the professional lab that we use to ensure a high quality color rendition.

What if I want other services and have special requests?

Just ask! Most of the time your requests can be accommodated as we build a custom collection just for you.

How soon will the photographs be ready?

We try to get teaser images to you within 2 weeks of the wedding. Your online gallery (from where you download your photos) will be ready approximately 6-10 weeks after the wedding. Prints take 2-3 weeks after images are ready, and albums take 6-10 weeks after images are ready depending on client review, approval, and printing schedules.

Do you provide color or black and white images?

The majority of the photos will be in color, however in the post-processing phase, we choose key images that we feel tell the story better in black and white rather than in color.

Will I have printing rights to my photos?

Yes, you will have printing rights to your photos for your own personal use. This means that you can print, copy, email, or post your photos online for your personal use only. LH Photography retains the copyright to all images.

Do you have a photography education?

Yes, I have a degree in studio art with extensive training in photography, and a second degree in interior design. My background in the visual arts and design allows me to bring something different and unique to my photography. I am constantly exploring and trying to find new ways of showing and telling the story. I really love what I do!

Do you shoot same-sex weddings?

Yes, of course we do.

Can I order albums and prints through you?

Yes. We offer a variety of professional top of the line photography products including albums, prints, canvases, etc. These products are only available to professional photographers so when you order through us, you are ensuring that the quality of your product is superb and that color rendition is 100% accurate.

Who will be shooting my boudoir session?

Ly Sué personally shoots all boudoir sessions, and hair and make up is done by a female professional stylist. If for any reason an assistant is needed, that assistant will also be a female....If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to call or email me!